League Rules

WGA League Golf Rules/Guidelines
Revised January 2023

Pending Approval

1. USGA rules will govern play with local rules as indicated herein and on the scorecard.

2. Players should indicate on the scorecard their current handicaps as posted by the CDGA. Handicaps will be limited to the USGA maximum handicap index of 54.0 for all weekly and tournament events. According to USGA standards, the green course slope of 121 at the Wilmette Golf Club results in a maximum course handicap of 56.

3. Competition will be by divisions according to handicap. Divisions will be adjusted after each CDGA Handicap Revision on the first of the month during the season.

4. All scores should be posted for rounds played on courses having a course rating from April 1 through November 1.

5. In order for scores to be eligible for prizes, two cards for each threesome or foursome must show the full name of the player and be signed, attested, dated and turned in immediately after play to the Tournament Director. Scorecards serve as the official record of a player’s round.

6. Players must hole out all putts to be eligible for prizes. All putts, except during Match Play, must be recorded for every day of competition. A player can hit no more than 10 strokes (including putts) on a hole. She must pick up after 10 and she is no longer eligible for putting events. She is eligible for events not involving putting.

7. The field of play is limited to members and prospective members. The Board or its designee may make exceptions.

8. Each player is responsible for announcing her correct score at the completion of each hole. If there is a discrepancy, the score should be resolved and entered on the scorecard before the players begin the next hole.

9. League days are official when:

a) At least ¼ of the active membership completes a full round.,

b) The course is open for walkers and riders.

c) The Board or its designee has not cancelled the event.

Official days will have weekly events, ringers, birdies and putts recorded. If a league day is not official according to the criteria above, a “low net across the field” event will be substituted if more than 1/3 of those scheduled to play complete the round. One prize for the low net and one prize for low putts will be awarded.

10. If there is a question before, during or after the scheduled play of an event, the Board or its designee should be contacted immediately after play to resolve the issue in conjunction with the head golf professional.

Golf and Luncheon Attendance
All members are encouraged to play 2/3 of the available league days and to attend luncheon meetings as indicated in the events calendar.

Prize and Award Guidelines

1. Scores shall count from the first league day to the last league day, excluding the final week’s event.

2. Prizes are awarded in the division in which the golfer has played the most games.

3. Seasonal prizes including seasonal prizes, participation points, low net pin, most improved player and tournament prizes will be distributed at the awards meeting at the end of the season.

4. Cash prizes for Weekly Events will be awarded to winners in each division. Some leagues also award second place winners. In case of a tie, the awards will be combined and split between the winners. A tie for second place will result in that award being split between the winners.

5. Cash amounts for seasonal prizes will be based on the current year’s revenue.

6. Each player’s best eight rounds will be used to determine seasonal prizes in each division. These prizes include Low Gross, Low Net, Low Putts and Ringers (the total for a round using the lowest score achieved for each hole during the season). If there is a tie for first place, each person will receive an equal prize.

7. The Most Improved Golfer Award is given to the player whose CDGA handicap had the biggest decrease from beginning to end of the season.

8. A Gold Women’s Western Golf Association Low Net Pin is awarded to the player in one of the 18-hole leagues who has the lowest combined net total for 4 of the 6 Low Net Pin Days scheduled by her league. A Silver WGA Low Net Pin is awarded to the winner of each league, except it’s awarded to the second-place winner in the 18-hole league which had the gold Western winner.

9. To be eligible for the above prizes, a member must meet the prize participation standards determined by her league.


Previous to each month, the scheduler will send out a request to all members to be scheduled for play. Tee times and pairings will be emailed to each golfer several days before play. If a change is required, the scheduler must be notified by noon before the scheduled day of play. The final schedule will be sent to the golf course and posted on the golf course website. Members are not allowed to change their own starting times.

General Rules for Tournament Play

The league sponsors a 54 hole Low New Tournament and a single elimination Match Play Tournament. All members are encouraged to participate. The Board or its designee will establish all tournament rules.

1. To enter any tournament a member must sign up as posted. A player should not enter a tournament unless she intends to compete on the scheduled days of the tournament.

2. The player must start at the time established by the Committee (USGA 5.3a), and rules shall be distributed as necessary.

3. Posted handicaps will be used to determine the flight in which the player will compete.

4. A Player whose handicap changes during a tournament shall complete the tournament in the flight in which she started but must play with her current handicap.

5. Prizes will be awarded to the winner and runner-up in league tournaments in each of the scheduled flights.

6. If the committee decides that the weather is inclement or unhealthful (e.g., a heat index over 100 during the time of play), tournament play may be postponed.

Low Net Tournament

1. If for any reason the scheduled Low Net Tournament cannot be completed due to weather, course conditions, etc., the tournament will continue on scheduled league days until completed. If the field cannot complete at least thirty -six holes of play, the tournament will be cancelled.

2. Card matching will be used to break all ties, according to the USGA Rules in the method determined and announced by the Golf Committee prior to the start of the tournament.

Match Play Tournament

1. The beginning date of Match Play will be set during regular league time by the Tournament Director.

2. The winners of the initial match will continue play during the succeeding rounds by establishing matches during non-league time or league day in consultation with the Scheduling and/or Tournament Director, if needed. Each subsequent match must be completed and reported to the Tournament Director within the allotted time for the round, generally two weeks, unless unusual circumstances occur (weather, course condition, etc.). Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

3. The Match Play flight brackets will be posted in the locker room and distributed online so that players will be able to set up their matches in a timely manner.

4. Tied matches will be played off hole by hole (sudden death), starting on the hole designated by WGC staff and using full handicap strokes as applicable.

5. Regular USGA Match Play rules will be followed.

6. No Match Play rounds will count toward seasonal prizes..

Hole-In One

Holes-In One are recognized for play during regularly scheduled league play, during the WGA Championship, or other WGA-sponsored events. $2 from each WGA member’s dues is allocated to the Hole-In-One Fund. The accumulated funds will be divided equally among the number of members who have achieved a Hole-In-One during the current season and capped at a maximum of $500 per winner.

WGA members who achieve a Hole-In-One during non-league play at the Wilmette Golf Club will be recognized on the WGA Hole-In-One plaque, but will not receive a share of the fund.


Tips For Keeping Pace

Before The Tee

  • Arrive at the starter 15 minutes before your tee time.
  • If you want to warm up, plan to arrive even earlier.

On The Tee

  • Tee off as soon as the group ahead is safely out of the way.
  • Carry an extra ball in your pocket.
  • Limit the number of practice swings. No more than 3.

Tee To Green

  • Plan your shot/club on the way to the ball.
  • Play “Ready Golf,” where players hit when they’re ready, rather than adhering strictly to the “farthest hits first” rule.
  • USGA rules limit searching for your ball to 3 minutes.

On The Green

  • Putt “Ready Golf.”
  • USGA rules allow you to leave the flag in.
  • Prepare for your putt (determine your line, distance and slope) while others are putting.
  • Fill in your scorecard at the next tee.

Use Of Motorized Carts

  • When two players in a cart hit to opposite sides of a hole, drive to the first ball and drop that player off with the appropriate club(s); then drive to the second ball. After both players hit, they should meet up again farther down the fairway.
  • When leaving the cart, make your best guess about the club you will need. If unsure, take more than one club with you to your ball.