About WGA

About WGA

Established in 1974, the Women’s Golf Association of the Wilmette Golf Club was formed to promote the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf.

To this end its primary objectives are to:
  • Provide administrative support for WGA leagues and their members, including registering for WGA memberships and events
  • Guide members in applying the rules of golf, as approved by the USGA, as well as local rules of play
  • Subscribe to the World Handicap System, and to use the current course rating and slope, for women, certified by the local rating body
  • Sponsor the annual Guest Day
  • Facilitate the annual WGA Championship, in cooperation with the WGC
  • Arrange meetings and social gatherings of the WGA membership, such as the Closing Cocktails event


WGA Affiliations

Illinois Women's Golf Association
Women's Western Golf Association
Northern Illinois Women's Golf Association



Past Presidents

1974      Darlene Davies
1975      Darlene Davies
1976      Betty Meier
1977      Phyllis Cossarek
1978      Thelma Johnson
1979      Betty Meier
1980      Lois Thomas
1981      Carol McGrew
1982      Shirli Vanneman
1983      Betsy Slaght
1984      Sally Cochran
1985      Anna Jean Landgren
1986      Carole Foran
1987      Mary Papreck
1988      Kay Wilcox
1989      Beverly Carlfeldt
1990      Betty Meier

1991      Gail Danielson
1992      Phyllis Cossarek
1993      Joyce Morrison
1994      Barbara Baumann
1995      Stephanie Sullivan
1996      Betty Meier
1997      Linda Lies
1998      Diane Eberhardt
1999      Bunny Johnson
2000      Leila Winton
2001      Carole Foran
2002      Wini Campbell
2003      Mary Ann Savard
2004      Bunny Johnson
2005      Dodie Kohl
2006      Elizabeth Burton
2007      Sue Salay

2008      Mari Dysart
2009      Lynn Koenig
2010      Dodie Kohl
2011      Elizabeth Burton
2012      Courtenay Wood
2013      Katie White
2014      Cathie Knobel
2015      Muggsy Jacoby
2016      Sue Lies
2017      Muggsy Jacoby
2018      Marty Burns
2019      Barbara Flynn
2020      Judy Janowiak
2021      Peggy Prescott
2022      Angela Steger
2023      Muggsy Jacoby
2024      Judy Janowiak