Our Leagues

The WGA offers five different weekly golf leagues. Our individual leagues have many things in common, yet each has its own unique culture. Our players have a wide range of handicaps, from 10 to 54, but none of our members are new golfers or absolute beginners. If you’d like to know more about your readiness to join one of our leagues, please review these Golfer Ability Levels before registering. If you still aren’t sure, please contact the Membership Director of the league in which you are most interested.

Every WGA league follows the same Bylaws and League Rules, and adheres to the USGA Rules of Golf. Our season begins the first week of May and concludes the last week of September. Click here to view calendar. We sign up on a week-by-week basis, and are scheduled in threesomes, follow golf etiquette, count every stroke and keep pace by playing ready golf with no mulligans. We all enjoy weekly on-course events with prizes, season-long competitions and monthly league social luncheons, in addition to the opportunity to participate in the WGA Club Championship. There’s a league for everyone!


18-Hole Leagues

Monday 18

Monday 18 is a friendly group of 18-hole players and welcomes new members! We tee off on Mondays between 7–9 am. We are a mid-sized league, and a perfect fit for golfers of varying handicaps, but with previous golfing experience. Many of our players enjoy staying for lunch at the club after golf. If you are looking for a great way to start your week, come join our growing group of sociable ladies on Monday mornings. 

For more information, please email our Monday 18 Membership Director at monday18membership@gmail.com.

Membership Dues:  $40


Position Name contact
President Cathie Knobel monday18president@gmail.com
Secretary Stacy Sochacki  
Treasurer Tracy Corr  
Membership Director Adrian Collins monday18membership@gmail.com
Scheduling Director Lynn Cabin  
Tournament Director Julie Wolf  
Handicap Director Sue Lies  
Social Director Karen Miller  

Tuesday 18 (Also known as "SWG")

Tuesday 18 offers an exciting opportunity for a more competitive league experience. In fact, our league has produced the WGA 18-hole Club Champion more times than any other league! We also have the largest membership of the 18-hole leagues. While our members may have the lowest average handicap amongst WGA members, we welcome all experienced golfers up to a cap of 60, with preference given to current WGA members. Tee times begin around 7:30 am on Tuesdays. The Tuesday 18 league also hosts the Wilmette Golf Team within its membership. This smaller group of skillful players competes against teams at other north suburban golf clubs through the Inter-Suburban Golf League. You’ll find that the majority of our members enjoy playing golf several times a week, and often participate in more than one 18-hole league. In 2023, SWG is proudly celebrating its 70th anniversary! If you’d like to become a part of a great group of experienced golfers, come join SWG! 

For more information, please email our Tuesday 18 Membership Director at tuesday18membership@gmail.com.

Membership Dues:  $50


Position Name contact
President Maria Choca Urban tuesday18president@gmail.com
Secretary Janna Caldarelli  
Treasurer Lolly Dominski  
Membership Director Tracy Corr tuesday18membership@gmail.com
Scheduling Director Carol Ross Barney  
Tournament Director Pat Vaughan  
Handicap Director Karen Perlman  
Social Director Marie Parker  
Team Captain Donna Tripicchio  












Thursday 18 (Also known as "WWGA")

Thursday 18 is a friendly group of players committed to promoting better golf and fostering friendships among our members. We tee off on Thursday mornings around 7:30 am. The WWGA is a robust mid-sized league with a wide range of handicaps amongst its members. Our members are very experienced golfers and our players often participate in more than one league. This year one of our divisions will play 9 holes only instead of 18. They will tee off immediately following the 18 hole players. The 9 hole division is also for experienced golfers with a solid grasp of golf rules and etiquette. Some of us enjoy staying for lunch after golf, and we are always welcoming to new members with playing experience.

For more information, please email our Thursday 18 Membership Director at thursday18membership@gmail.com.



Position Name contact
President Jo Ann Mota thursday18president@gmail.com
Vice President Jody Sieck  
Secretary Jody Sieck  
Treasurer Jo Ellen Schroedter  
Membership Director Jody Sieck thursday18membership@gmail.com
Scheduling Director Sue Salay susans7594@sol.com
Tournament Director Sue Salay  
Handicap Director Nam Seo  
Social Director Jo Ellen Schroedter jschroedter34@gmail.com

9-Hole Leagues

Monday 9 (Also known as "WK9" formerly "W-K 9")

(THIS LEAGUE IS FULL FOR 2023) Monday 9 is a warm, fun and social group with the largest membership in the WGA. We tee off on Mondays somewhere between 8:30 am and 10:30 am. Most of us joined this league to connect with other women golfers and have a great time while improving our game. WK9 has a wide range of handicaps, including plenty of members looking to establish a handicap for the first time. As a 9-hole league, we do have many advanced beginners, though we do not have any absolute beginners! Despite our easy-going nature, our league is not an avenue to start learning to play golf if you’ve never really played before. While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we do take our golf seriously and enjoy rooting for each other in friendly competition.

For more information, please email our Monday 9 Membership Director at wk9socialchair@gmail.com.



Position Name contact
President Karen Rafeedie wk9president@gmail.com
Secretary Susan Dauber  
Treasurer Joan Borg  
Membership Director Elizabeth Clarke wk9socialchair@gmail.com
Scheduling Director Lynn Koenig  
Events/Prizes Director Kris Economos  
Social Director Elizabeth Clarke wk9socialchair@gmail.com

Tuesday 9 (Also known as "Tags 9")

(THIS LEAGUE IS FULL FOR 2023) If the word “league” is daunting, consider joining Tuesday 9! We tee off on Tuesdays between 8:30 am and 9:30 am. Come enjoy playing golf in a friendly, low-stress, 9-hole league where you can improve your game and make new golf buddies. We are the smaller of the two 9-hole leagues, and our members’ tee time pairings rotate weekly, so that every golfer in our league will have played with all members by the end of the season. This fosters a fun and social atmosphere. All levels of ability are welcome, including advanced beginners, but as with all of the leagues, members of TAGS 9 must possess a basic knowledge of golf and golf skills. If you are brand new to golf, come join us after you’ve put a few more shots in your bag!

For more information, please email our Tuesday 9 Membership Director at tuesday9membership@gmail.com.



Position Name contact
President Janet Barczyk presidenttuesday9@gmail.com
Vice President Lynn Koenig  
Secretary Diane Tate  
Treasurer Barbara Flynn  
Membership Director Deirdre Irwin Ross tuesday9membership@gmail.com
Events/Scoring Director Lynn Koenig  
Social Secretary Jackie Brenchley